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Sean Robertson, ECD/AD

A native Minnesotan who gave up his NHL dreams after realizing he couldn’t skate backwards to save his life, Sean decided he needed to find a new vocation. He attended the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis College of Art & Design. 

Sean cut his teeth in the creative mecca that was Minneapolis advertising, Carmichael Lynch, Martin Williams and Fallon McElligott, working on brands like Timex, United Airlines and mostly BMW, before landing in Gotham (aka NYC). He is now working closer to home as the ECD of a small boutique agency in Stamford, CT.

Sean is a clear-thinking creative director who has a knack for getting to the most visceral execution on an idea. One that not only speaks to the minds of the audience, but to their hearts. There is no artistic ego or over-embellishment to get in the way of an idea or clean design.